Gun Owners of America Opposes Bill Favoring Police Carry Rights

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Gun Owners of America (GOA) is taking a strong stand against HR 354, a bill that seeks to expand concealed carry rights specifically for off-duty and retired police officers. The bill would permit these officers to carry firearms in locations that are typically restricted, such as school zones and federal properties. GOA believes that this bill creates an unjust disparity between law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens in terms of Second Amendment rights.

Key Concerns and Arguments

GOA’s primary objection to HR 354 revolves around the principle of equal rights under the Second Amendment. The organization argues that law-abiding citizens should not be subjected to stricter regulations than those applied to police officers. By granting off-duty and retired officers the ability to carry in more places, the bill implies that these individuals are more trustworthy or deserving of special privileges, a notion GOA vehemently opposes.

The organization underscores that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms to all citizens, not just those who have served in law enforcement. They argue that creating exceptions and special categories for police officers erodes the universal nature of this constitutional right. GOA contends that safety and self-defense are concerns for all citizens, and thus, the right to carry should be equally accessible to everyone.

Advocacy for National Reciprocity

In place of HR 354, GOA advocates for broader national concealed carry reciprocity. Such legislation would ensure that a concealed carry permit issued in one state is recognized in all other states, similar to how driver’s licenses are recognized nationwide. GOA believes that this approach would provide a more equitable solution, ensuring that all law-abiding gun owners have the ability to protect themselves and their families regardless of the state they are in.

GOA is urging Republican lawmakers to reject HR 354 and instead support comprehensive national reciprocity legislation. They argue that this would better align with the Second Amendment and avoid creating a privileged class of citizens who enjoy greater rights than the general public. GOA’s position is that the right to carry should be based on citizenship and adherence to the law, not on professional status.

Broader Implications

The debate over HR 354 highlights a larger issue in the gun rights community: the balance between public safety and individual rights. GOA maintains that public safety can be effectively ensured without compromising the rights of ordinary citizens. They assert that responsible gun ownership and the ability to carry a concealed firearm are critical components of personal security and liberty.

By opposing HR 354, GOA is not only defending the rights of everyday Americans but also challenging lawmakers to consider more inclusive and fair legislation. They believe that a society that respects and upholds the Second Amendment for all citizens is stronger and more just.


Gun Owners of America’s opposition to HR 354 is rooted in a commitment to equal rights and the fundamental principles of the Second Amendment. They continue to advocate for policies that do not favor one group over another and that recognize the right of all law-abiding citizens to bear arms. Through their efforts, GOA aims to ensure that gun rights are protected and respected for everyone, without exception.


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  1. Wes says:

    This is just a bill to fix problems found in the Peace Officer’s Protection Act passed by President Obama during his term in office. Nothing new.

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