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Gun Owner & Concealed Carry Resources

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Gun Owner & Concealed Carry Resources


At Tagua Gunleather, we are committed to building a community of well-informed gun owners, providing a range of resources for gun safety and care, training guides, gun sports and more. Become a savvy concealed firearm owner and browse our products to find the best leather holsters on the market.


Concealed Carry Resources


Concealed Carry Methods and Techniques

There are a number of concealed carry methods and techniques that each have their own distinct advantages. Read this guide to find the right holster for you.


Concealed Carry Draw Techniques

Use this concealed carry draw technique guide to safely & effectively draw your handgun from various concealment positions. These methods could save your life.


Concealed Carry Rules & Requirements

In this guide, we cover the concealed carry rules and requirements you need to know to ensure you're carrying your handgun within the scope of the law.


Gun Safety Resources


Gun Safety Rules: The Basics

Carrying a firearm is serious business. However, there are a few simple gun safety rules that can help to ensure you will remain safe and accident free.


Leather Holster Care Guide

It’s important to keep your holster in the best shape to ensure your safety. Use this leather holster care guide to get the most out of your favorite rig.