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Leather holster care and break-in

Taking care of your holster:

Leather is a natural substance and will at some time need moisturizing, especially in a hot and dry climate. Only use a moderate amount of leather conditioner that are specifically designed for leather products. If you use too much conditioner or saddle soap, the leather may become too soft and loose its form and fit.

Always avoid direct skin contact with your holster for long periods and wear clothing to protect your holster against sweat. This will help to keep the leather in good condition.

Take special measures that your holster never gets wet.

Breaking-in your new holster:

Leather holsters are sometimes a little tight and may need some “Breaking in” to ease the tension.

First, place the holster under a lamp until Luke-warm (Not too hot and never use a hair drier in this process). Then massage the leather to loosen it up a bit. Next, wrap your gun in a plastic bag and insert it into the holster. Leave the gun inside overnight to give the leather time to set. Repeat the process a couple of times if necessary.

Caution: Never use water, a micro wave oven or a hair drier in this process, it will damage the holster permanently.