• High End Eco Leather
  • Open Top Carry
  • Concealed Carry 
  • Comfortable inside the waist carry
  • Reinforced metal clip

The Tagua Eco-Leather Weightless IWB Holster
The Tagua Eco-Leather Weightless Holster allows you to conceal your firearm without leaving an obvious imprint under your clothes. With two high-grade belt clips it will keep your firearm safe and secured—even when you are quick-drawing.
The high-quality eco-leather takes only a few uses to perfectly mold to your body, giving you a comfortable and premium fit.

• High Quality Eco-Leather manufactured to be super lightweight and durable
• Field Tested by our Specialised Team for safety and assurance

• Strong Double Clips that have good retention and keep your firearm secured to your belt
• Invisible IWB Concealment that leaves almost zero imprint on clothing
• No Sweat Material that is flexible for maximum comfort


Back in the day your grandfather would have purchased a holster that lasted a lifetime. The leather work was done by a true craftsman who did his best on every piece. That’s why our master craftsmen hand make all our holsters, just like the good ol’ days.

So sure, if you want to save a buck on a cheap holster that doesn’t last, then go right ahead! But if you value quality and want a holster that will be by your side until your last breath—go with a Tagua, you won’t regret it.


Shopping online can be a nightmare. That’s why we created our ‘All-American’ Life-Time Guarantee. If any of our products fail over their lifetime, send it back and we will give you a full refund—no questions asked.




When it comes to making Weightless IWB holsters we discovered the key component to crafting such a holster! This inside the waist holster is made from high-end eco-leather while the main feature is the feeling of not carrying extra weight while concealing. It comes in five multi-fit sizes to cover a wide range of guns. Available for right or left handed users, it has an open top for a faster draw. No wonder then that this is the most popular and affordable holster on the market yet.  All of our holsters are field tested to give you proven safety and assurance that your gun holster will hold up in any situation and last you a lifetime and durability! 

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