Springfield Armory Celebrates 50 Years of the M1A with a Special Edition Rifle

Springfield Armory Celebrates 50 Years of the M1A with a Special Edition Rifle

Springfield Armory has marked the 50th anniversary of its iconic M1A rifle with a special, limited-edition model. This commemorative rifle is a tribute to the company’s enduring legacy and the rifle’s storied history, being produced in a limited run of just 1,974 units to symbolize the year of its original release in 1974.

A Tribute to History

The M1A has its roots in the M14, a battle rifle adopted by the U.S. military in the late 1950s. The M1A, a semi-automatic version of the M14, has been cherished by firearms enthusiasts, marksmen, and collectors for its reliability, accuracy, and historical significance. Over the past five decades, the M1A has cemented its place as a staple in the Springfield Armory lineup and a beloved piece of American firearms history.

Distinctive Features

This 50th Anniversary edition M1A is designed to stand out both as a collector’s item and a functional firearm. Some of the key features include:

  • Premium Walnut Stock: The rifle is equipped with a hand-selected walnut stock, adorned with a 50th Anniversary Crossed Cannon medallion, offering a classic and elegant look.
  • Unique Markings: Each rifle features a custom-engraved operating rod, indicating its unique place in the limited production run.
  • Authenticity and Presentation: Each rifle comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from Springfield Armory’s CEO, Dennis Reese, ensuring its collectible status. Additionally, the rifle is presented in a hand-built display crate made from Eastern white pine, accompanied by a padded black zippered case for protection and display.
  • Accessories: The package includes an OD Green cotton canvas sling for traditional carrying, a cleaning kit, and a technical manual (TM-9-1005-223-12), which adds to the rifle’s authenticity and usability.

Collectible Value

Priced at $2,499, this limited-edition rifle is designed to appeal to collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of historical significance and modern craftsmanship. The rifle’s high-quality materials, attention to detail, and limited availability make it a valuable addition to any collection.

Springfield Armory’s Commitment to Quality

Springfield Armory’s dedication to quality and tradition is evident in this anniversary edition. The company’s commitment to preserving the legacy of the M1A while incorporating modern enhancements ensures that this rifle is not only a collector’s item but also a fully functional and reliable firearm.


The 50th Anniversary M1A rifle by Springfield Armory is a fitting tribute to a firearm that has stood the test of time. Its combination of historical elements and modern craftsmanship celebrates the M1A’s enduring legacy and the rich heritage of Springfield Armory. For collectors and enthusiasts alike, this limited-edition rifle offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of American firearms history.


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