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Shoulder Holsters

When you need access to your concealed carry gun, you are most vulnerable while seated, particularly when your seat belt has you secured in your vehicle. In those instances, you need a quality shoulder holster. Tagua Gunleather produces one of the best shoulder holsters in the industry.

Worn opposite your strong side hand, these holsters have a fully adjustable x-design, allowing you to draw quickly from concealment in cases where a hip holster may be difficult to access. Our leather shoulder holsters include molded double magazine carriers or double speed loader pouches for revolvers. A reinforced thumb break provides retention, while the covered snaps help to prevent damage to your firearm.

Finally, our shoulder holsters feature two piece construction with front molding, all completely lined with leather to better protect your gun’s finish.

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This leather shoulder holster features a fully adjustable x holster design and a molded double magaz..
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